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Other Services

Other Services


We Offer a Range of Services Beyond our Traditional Commercial & Residential Work

Our team at Seykora Asphalt is experienced and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to satisfy all your asphalt paving and maintenance needs. Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with our customers by providing excellence and professionalism in our products and services at a competitive price. With a promise to always continue education in our company, we ensure that our customers are always receiving the best products and services that will be long-lasting and cost-effective.

asphalt pothole patching

Other Services We Offer

Potholes & Patching

We provide a strong and quick, permanent pothole & pavement repair that minimizes roadway disruption.

Concrete Services

We provide concrete services for any part of your project. That’s right, we’re not just the asphalt guys!


We provide Striping services for roadways, parking areas, and interior safety lines.

Crack Sealing

We provide crack sealing services for your pavement or concrete to slow advancement of cracking.

Seal Coating

We provide Seal Coating services to protect and preserve your surface for longer life.

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Featured Product


Revolutionary permanent asphalt and concrete repair material for pothole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, walkways, tennis courts and driveway repair — it works even in wet and cold conditions.

Finally! A Permanent, Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Patch. Click to learn more about Aquaphalt!

Permanent Repair Solution!

Eco-friendly binder reacts and hardens with only water—no toxic solvents.
Aquaphalt is laid directly from its container—no need to mobilize large crews and equipment.
Minimizes roadway disruption with no need for special preparations.
Pre-mixed and permanent, Aquaphalt is a one-time fix.

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